Fire Protection Provided by MESA LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada
Company History

Originally, we started fire protection services under the Mesa Mechanical Inc. name. After noticing our clients had confusion, and sometimes even frustration, relating the mechanical name to performing fire protection work, we elected to have a stand alone identity as Fire Protection Provided by Mesa, LLC.

From the company's conception, we have believed in a structured, slow growth that will form a solid foundation to build and expand upon. With that being said, we have already grown from a handful of employees to almost fifty as of now, demonstrating that a constant, steady growth is evolution here.

Our design group is comprised of some of the most conscientious designers in the country, always striving for perfection and professionalism. They are proficient at consulting, designing, and managing projects from tenant improvements to mega resorts.

Our fabrication shop is one of the only in town that requires no help from outside sources to supply our prefabricated pipe and materials to all of our projects. By providing in-house fabrication, we are able to offer timely and cost-efficient services.

Our field crews represent road sprinkler fitters, Local 669, which starts out with a five year apprentice training program. They are highly trained professionals, dedicated to installing systems efficiently and correctly, in a timely manner. They reflect our company's commitment to our clients,' as well as our own, safety by meeting high standards for quality sprinkler fitting. At the same time, we are setting new standards in the fire protection industry.