Fire Protection Provided by MESA LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do sprinklers work?
    A: Fire sprinklers are the most visible part of a fire sprinkler system, an integrated array of pumps, piping and detection devices. Automatic fire sprinklers operate at a predetermined temperature, utilizing a fusible link, a portion of which melts, , allowing the plug in the orifice to be pushed out of the orifice by the water pressure in the fire sprinkler piping, resulting in water flow from the orifice. The water stream impacts a deflector, which produces a specific spray pattern designed in support of the goals of the sprinkler type (i.e., control or suppression). Modern sprinkler heads are designed to direct a spray downward. Each individual automatic fire sprinkler operates individually in a fire.

  2. If one sprinkler head activates, do all sprinklers on the system go off as well?
    A: NO. Only in the movies! Each fire sprinkler is installed with a heat sensitive element, and the sprinkler will not operate until that element has been triggered due to a rise in heat. (Usually around 155 degrees.)

  3. Are fire sprinklers worth the extra cost on my project?
    A: YES. The investment of a properly installed fire sprinkler system is usually less than the cost of upgraded carpet and pad per square foot. Can you put a price on the safety of your family or employees? We can't.

  4. We have first class Fire Departments in the valley. Why do I need a fire sprinkler system?
    A: It is true we have Fire Departments that are second to none. However, they cannot respond with the diligence of a fire sprinkler that never leaves your home or office. It's like having a fire truck at your establishment 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

  5. Do sprinklers ever activate accidentally?
    A: It is extremely rare that sprinklers ever activate by accident. A sprinkler discharge without a fire event is usually the outcome of freezing or structural damage.